Oh, the beautiful fiddle leaf fig!  They add so much color, depth, and life to a room and if you pay attention, you will notice some of the most beautifully finished rooms are adorned with living fiddle leaf fig trees.  I would recommend buying a real tree if at all possible, BUT
if you can't even keep weeds alive like myself, and you are loving this popular little (big) tree, then I have the next best thing for you...a fiddle leaf fig that won't die.

Okay, so it's not real.
But trust me when I say that these branches are the best looking faux option.
And this full-size fiddle leaf is pretty dang close too.  The proportions are right and the leaves aren't too small like some I have seen.
If you still have your heart set on a real one, then this is a good read for you.
And since it is now officially spring, I have rounded up my current favorite vases and pots.
(From left to right, top to bottom)
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

...and last (and my very favorites!)
These amazing white geometric vases.

Last, if you are a sucker for anything hobnail like I am, you might like these as well...
 hereherehere, and here

Happy spring everyone!


Some of my design advice for renters was shared on Domaine Home today!  Also, for all of my non-renting readers, you can do this in your home too for a non-permanent update!
There are so many really fabulous removable wallpapers available right now.  For some of my current favorites, read this earlier post.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Today, I am sharing how you can get the popular hex tile look even if it is not exactly in your budget.  If you want to get all technical, this tile is actually an octagon, not a hexagon, because it has eight sides but
it definitely pulls off that hexagon tile look and for a lot less!

Here is an (iPhone) picture of it from a new construction project that I did a few years ago.
(Installed with white grout-more on that below.)
It is so beautiful, classic and inexpensive.

Find it here for $3.11/sq. ft.
*Price current as of today
(The tile in the picture above is this exact product)

And, don't be tempted to buy it here even though it is slightly less!
Those reviews....yikes.

We chose white grout because we wanted the look to be clean and crisp, and also because the perfectionist in me likes that the white grout hides any irregular spacing that there might be.  Black or charcoal grout can be a fun and classic look, but it would be a lot less forgiving.  That might not bother you, but it's something to note before you make a decision.

It is such a great, budget-friendly option!


Four of my favorite spaces using Eames style chairs plus where you can find them right now on SALE...and it gets even better...they are IN STOCK and offer FREE SHIPPING!
Happy Saturday!
(You save the most if you buy them in sets of two)
Set of Two Eames Chairs with Natural Colored Legs
On SALE for $121 (Regularly $200)
Set of Two Eames Armchairs with Natural Colored Legs
On SALE for $144 (Regularly $200)
Set of Two Eames Chairs with Walnut Colored Legs
On SALE for $138 (Regularly $220)
Set of Two Eames Armchairs with Walnut Colored Legs
On SALE for $159 (Regularly $230)
*Pictured as one, but comes in set of two
Set of Two Eames Chairs with Chrome Legs
On SALE for $129 (Regularly $200)
*Pictured as one, but comes in set of two
Set of Two Eames Armchairs with Chrome Legs
On SALE for $144 (Regularly $200)
*Pictured as one, but comes in set of two

**Prices current as of the date of this post**


I went through hundreds of accent tables and rounded up my very favorites available right now.  I am really liking number eleven personally, but the Lulu and Georgia one is a little out of my price range. Lucky for me, I found this one that is much cheaper.  If you have your eye on one of the SALE ones, you should act fast because some of them only had a few left.  Also, when shopping for accent tables online, pay attention to the height of the piece.  You want something that will be the appropriate height next to whatever it is going by (your sofa, an accent chair, etc.)  Some of the ones I saw tonight  were as low as 15" which is nearing the scale of doll furniture if you ask me.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15


Happy Saturday everyone!  Today, I have rounded up some of my current favorite, inexpensive accessories to freshen up your kitchen for spring.  I love the contrast of textures between the small wooden bowl, mini milk glass tea light holder (although I think this could be repurposed to hold personal sized dips/jellies/etc.) and the marbled ceramic plate.  All of the items above are
inexpensive ($2.95 to $9.95) and can be intermixed with all-white dishes (or anything else you currently have) to freshen up your tabletop for spring.

Ceramic Plate: H&M / Tea Towel: H&M / Paper Napkins: H&M / Ceramic Napkin Holder: Target / Floral Linen Napkin: Anthropologie / Wooden Servers: H&M / Small Wooden Bowl: H&M / Tea Light Holder: H&M

     And don't forget fresh flowers!  They can always infuse a fresh look for a minimal expense!  My favorite place to purchase fresh flowers is Trader Joe's.  They always have a great seasonal selection at pretty reasonable prices.


Today, I have rounded up my top ten current favorite removable wallpapers.  Removable wallpaper is so great for those that don't want to commit to regular wallpaper, those that are renting, and/or those that like to change things often.  It is completely removable (imagine peeling vinyl off a wall) and will allow you to really customize your space without the commitment of regular wallpaper.  There are so many different ways you can use it!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

And this last one which is my very favorite at the moment (I am swooning over irregular dots on everything!)  It reminds me of rain drops and I think it would be darling in a nursery.