Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Today, I am sharing how you can get the popular hex tile look even if it is not exactly in your budget.  If you want to get all technical, this tile is actually an octagon, not a hexagon, because it has eight sides but
it definitely pulls off that hexagon tile look and for a lot less!

Here is an (iPhone) picture of it from a new construction project that I did a few years ago.
(Installed with white grout-more on that below.)
It is so beautiful, classic and inexpensive.

Find it here for $3.11/sq. ft.
*Price current as of today
(The tile in the picture above is this exact product)

And, don't be tempted to buy it here even though it is slightly less!
Those reviews....yikes.

We chose white grout because we wanted the look to be clean and crisp, and also because the perfectionist in me likes that the white grout hides any irregular spacing that there might be.  Black or charcoal grout can be a fun and classic look, but it would be a lot less forgiving.  That might not bother you, but it's something to note before you make a decision.

It is such a great, budget-friendly option!


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