Happy Saturday everyone!
Today, I am sharing my favorite inexpensive ways you can update your space by adding a little brass.
Here are sixteen different pieces and some ways you can add them to your space, plus
one way you can make sure brass will look good in your home...

1.  On a shelf, nightstand, or your cocktail table to hide your remote controls.
If you use it in a bookcase, add 2, 3, or 4 on different shelves to coordinate the look.
2.  Use it in a bookcase, stack three in a powder bath, or group nine for an impact on a large wall.
3.  Display your favorite books on a shelf or console.
4.  Stack it on two books on a shelf for layered interest and display seashells from your last trip, or other small objects you love.  This one is a great price and these ones are great too if you want lined ones.
5.  Group fruit, display a cake or muffins, or use it to group oils and vinegars in your kitchen.
6.  On a cocktail table to group smaller items.
7.  Just about anywhere you want to add some life to your room with a plant, just don't use all three in the same spot.  (Group two in one spot and one in another.)
8.  Group two on a console or sideboard.  Use a book or two underneath one of them to stagger the heights a bit.
9.  In your kitchen, on a bar cart, or use it on a sideboard in your dining room.
10.  Stack it on 4 on a shelf or layer it on top of 5 on your bathroom counter.  Put your rings in the small box and group it with your perfumes on the cake stand for a layered look.
11.  You can use these fabulous coasters anywhere you want to protect your furniture.
12.  Use one up to a desk or multiple as dining chairs.
13.  Group lemons or limes in your kitchen or on a bar cart.
14. & 15.  Barstools!  And how easy would it be to DIY these if you have the blah wood ones!  This is my very favorite gold spray paint if you want to tackle that project.
16.  Anywhere you want to group something or organize with a pretty basket!

So, the one way you can make sure brass looks good in your space is to bring it in with a few different pieces.  You can absolutely mix metals!  Don't be afraid to add some brass because you have nickel hardware or oil rubbed bronze light fixtures.  You just want to make sure your brass accents have a good presence by repeating that element with a few other brass pieces in your space.


I have partnered up with Urban Outfitters and am excited to share some of my current favorites from Urban Outfitters' Apartment section and a tiny peek into our little apartment here in Louisville.

There is no bedding that I love more than a clean and simple linen duvet in crisp white or a light, soft gray.  It is the perfect classic and neutral base to create a bedroom around and allows you to bring in color and pattern, if you desire, with the pillows.  This light gray linen duvet from Urban Outfitters is the perfect shade of gray and I love how it pairs well with the pillows.

I initially got the pillows intending to use them on the navy side with the medallion motif, but I love the opposite side just as much and find that I have been switching it up every few days.  Reversible pillows are a total win-win and these ones are the perfect size to use as decorative euros.

The headboard is my favorite!  I love the modern lines of it and how it adds texture and warmth to the room.  It is the perfect balance and contrast of texture to the marble and iron bedside table.  (By the way, that table is so versatile, you could totally use it next to a chair or your sofa, but lately I have been leaning towards minimalistic pieces and I am loving the openness of it as a bedside table.  No drawers to collect junk in!)  The quality is great and the table is also on SALE!

I have been eyeing these vases for some time, so when I saw that UO had a lamp that was really similar, I had to have it.  The rug is a great tribal/geometric print that adds a bit more pattern and color to the room.

Right now (through the rest of the month of August) if you become an Urban On Insider, you can get FREE shipping on ALL items from Urban Outfitters.  It is a great opportunity to save on pieces for your home!