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It may be early to be thinking about Christmas, but I am one of those people that put my tree up super early (I may or may not have put it up on Halloween night before...ahhh, I know...that is even early by my standards!) BUT stores put out their Christmas decor in late October so if you are looking to purchase some new holiday decor, now is the time to be thinking about it.

I tend to love the look and smell of a simple fresh wreath (more on that below on my favorite source for those), but real/preserved ones are the next best thing in my opinion.  I searched numerous places and these are THE BEST. 

Now, for the best place to get fresh wreaths (and garlands!).....Trader Joe's!  Even less expensive than Costco, friends!  Let's be real though, what is Trader Joe's not the best for?!  I could write a whole other post on that.  The one thing about the fresh stuff is that it doesn't hit stores until the first week in December and so that doesn't always work with my eager to decorate ambitions, haha. 

Number three is my personal favorite and I've also got my eye on these stockings (I mean buffalo check!),  this garland, and these advent calendars here and here